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A collection of news, stories, and thoughts from the education space. Stay updated as we continue to work to support and respect the dignity of every kid.

yes. every kid. urges Idaho legislature to pass new Strong Students bill

Legislation would provide Idaho students with funds to individualize and personalize their learning experience Arlington, VA – yes. every kid., an organization dedicated to creating an environment where every student receives an individualized education, urges Idaho legislators to embrace and pass the new Strong Students legislation, which is designed to make the popular Strong Families, […]

yes. every kid. applauds WV state leaders for pursuing new education opportunities for students

West Virginia House passes new education funding program to provide students with access to personalized educational opportunities Arlington, VA – yes. every kid., a national organization dedicated to creating an environment where every student receives an individualized education, today applauded West Virginia state leaders for advancing the Hope Scholarship Program, a new education program aimed at providing every West Virginia student access […]

Idaho Program Gives Parents Power to Personalize Their Child’s Education

Over the course of the last year, nearly every Idaho student has had their learning disrupted due to the pandemic. To help families and students, Gov. Brad Little and Idaho leaders used emergency federal funds to create a new education program that empowered parents, by providing them with additional education funds to support their child’s […]

States Need Flexibility to Provide Children with the Quality Education They Deserve

Education has traditionally been a responsibility of the state and local governments. In the first CARES Act, $3 billion of the $30 billion allocated for education were set aside for flexible funding to be used at the discretion of the governors themselves. It makes sense, state and local leadership are closer to families who are […]

80K Students Request Access to Idaho Education Grant Program!

Learning disruptions continue to impact millions of families across the country, with some schools remaining closed indefinitely, other schools are only open part time, and millions of other parents have opted for new education experiences and environments for their children.  In Idaho, state leaders responded by reprioritizing the way educating funding is distributed and put […]

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States Start Taking Steps in the Right Direction by Providing Funding Directly to Families

The landscape of education has changed in 2020 from schools to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Even with these changes, every child deserves a quality, individualized education no matter where they’re learning. The challenges of 2020 underscore the importance of directly empowering families to find individual solutions for each child’s education, instead of funding only […]

Creating a Better Education System Starts with Our Approach to Funding

Every parent, politician and policymaker wants students to have the best education possible, it’s why the U.S. spends at least $720 billion on education each year — more than nearly any other country, but then why are the results so poor? What if the problem isn’t how much money we spend, but how we spend […]

North Carolina Takes Step in the Right Direction by Providing Funding Directly to Families & Students

With the uncertainty of when schools will reopen, parents and guardians are struggling to take on the added responsibility of their child’s education while still working jobs to provide for their families. To compensate for the ways education is changing, our approach to education should change too. North Carolina took a small step in the […]

Students Shouldn’t Be Chasing Funds for Education, Funds Should Come to Them

The purpose of education funding is to enable every student to have access to a learning experience that meets their needs, but as the ongoing pandemic has shown us, in the face of school closings and students adopting new models, the funding remains out of reach. As summarized in a recently published op-ed in The […]

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