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American schools were designed for a world that no longer exists – a standardized model of education that prepared students for a factory economy. To succeed in today’s global economy, young people need different skill and mindsets that the factory model was not designed to foster. A focus on student-centered, innovative approaches is taking root is schools across the country. Below are a few examples of policy approaches taken in other states and districts.


Reimagine the school day and week


Reimagine standards and assessment policies

Big Ideas, Student-Centered Education

Align Higher Education

Ensure innovative models are not at a disadvantage in admissions. As primary and secondary education moves to more competency-based models of education, a key challenge will be to ensure that postsecondary institutions view such transcripts in a way that does not put them at a disadvantage compared to transcripts that feature traditional elements like grade […]


Move to competency-based education


Flexibility and regulatory waivers

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